The Alphabet Speller

In the beginning we start off this book concept by taking the alphabet from back to front, so that in the end, when read sequentially, it will all read in order. The last becomes the first, the first last. The Speller is based on the concept that this is a beginning way to start spellers out on the idea that the best way to deal with spelling is to use the trick of remembering a part of a word to deal with the problem of spelling the whole word. Chrysanthemum is easier to spell when you realize there is a “an the mum” in it to help you out. However, when it comes to the spelling of English, or any other language for that matter, there is always a fly in the ointment. Counterfeit is tough to remember because the old rule of “i before e, except after c” does not apply. You must simply remember the “feit” in counterfeit to get the word right. There are no simple tricks for some words. The words to be found in my speller are taken from various word lists that include different grade levels for relatively new-to-the-game spellers. Some words seem too simple for inclusion, some seem too hard. That’s life. (Copyright 2015 by Stephen W. Hines.)


Z word zone
Is Z plus ONE.
Plunge your football into it
And you have won



The EAR in year is easy to hear.
Now suffer the pain of using your brain;
Use your EAR in the spelling of yEAR
Isn’t that all very clear?



Doctors use the x-ray to gaze upon bones,

So look at this word and cease from your moans.

RAY’s the light that shines through an x-RAY

In getting this right and easing your groans.




Warble does the Robin merrily in the spring;

Her song is easier to spell than it is to sing.

WAR, yes, WAR, though not in this bird’s hear,

Gives WARble an easy start.




All of us have our very own voice
And trade it we’d not, though given a choice.
Does voICE sound like it spells? No, it does not!
But the ICE in our voice helps us a lot.



When Mary stood UP ’twas in utter good fright,
Though in her sound mind she knew all was all RIGHT.
Firm in conviction that right does make might,
Two words helped her to stand straight and UP RIGHT.



You’ve heard that your parents do pay them,

Thought they may think them absurd.

They’d rather grind axes than utter this word;

Yet tAXES and AXES are not really so grim.




Seasons may refer to spring or to summer, to fall or to winter;
Those parts of the year called seasons and with good reasons.
Either remember the SEA or recall the SONS.
SEA and SONS–that’s how it runs.



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